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When looking for a good quality piece of furniture you firstly need a good idea of what it is you require, this can come down to a number of things.

  1. It will need to sit well in its surroundings, this could be old or new.
  2. Keeping a good feel of space in a room, this can be as simple as the having a dark or light colour, with light colours they brighten a room and give a sense of space.
  3. Do you need this furniture to stand the test of time with the colour and design, or is this a fashion or style piece. This can be a great time for us to create a piece that will hold it’s style through the ages and have it’s own individualality that will always stand out from the crowed. If however you’re living in a long term family home and are looking for a more long term style option then having a piece made for a specific room like a dining room is a great option for traditional furniture.
  4. If selecting the long term option for a great quality piece then Hall Farm Reproductions would be a good choice, here we would help you decide the best options for you if you’re having any problems making those more difficult design decisions .

So now here are some of the things you should look for when purchasing high end furniture.

  1. Good quality woods must be used, these can be veneers where needed or if needed, if buying solid wood then you should make sure the furniture has nice wide planks in the tops, with the legs being made of solid one piece sections of wood.
  2. All the joints must be of a good strong construction, a good way to help you decide this is to look at the drawers of any piece of the companies furniture, these will need to be of a dovetail construction at the front and back of the drawer. All our dovetail joints are hand cut.
  3. If buying a piece with metal work on it like locks and handles, then these if a good make will be heavy and with locks they should be stamped, 2 and 4 lever locks are very good, also look to see where the item is made, this will help, handmade ironmongery should speak for itself .
  4. Now for the finish, this can be a sprayed finish if you’re looking for a very durable working finish, but if you need a finer handmade look and feel to the piece then I would have it French Polished, this can be a longer lasting solution to having a sprayed finish if looked after well,  it would go for anything, if it’s not looked after then it won’t last.

I hope this helps you make your decision and if I can help you any more just call or email James and I should be able to help.

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