Deciding on the type of furniture for your home is a decision that’s not to be taken lightly. You need to consider the space that you have to work with, your personal taste, fashion and function, and simply whether you want a particular piece in the room.

Today homeowners are treated to a wealth of furniture size, style and material options. From pine to glass, lime to elm, maple to mahogany, the abundance of options can be overwhelming. Despite the vast choice, oak furniture is still one of the principal choices. And here’s why.

Upkeep is Simple
The right furniture piece can come at considerable expense. Generally, consumers do not anticipate spending a considerable amount of time and money maintaining their furniture year upon year. That’s the beauty of oak furniture, the maintenance is minimal. A simple polish twice a year is all it needs. You’ll find that covering any marks is easy, and that the wow factor will be apparent for years to come.

It’s strength and durability is unquestioned
Oak furniture is very strong and durable – one of the strongest woods available. Whether you’re an avid bibliophile with a multitude of books to store and are in need of a sturdy bookcase or you have a particularly heavy PC and are on the lookout for a desk with the strength to hold the equipment, oak is the best material to choose. Cheaper alternatives may last for a few months, but ultimately you’ll have to replace the furniture. Oak is the best choice, especially if you have young children or pets running around the home.

Oak furniture makes an impact in any room
Oak has that classic and traditional look. It works well with other materials in the room. Whether you’re a fan of traditional design and have decorated your home to reflect this, or if you have a mix of contemporary and traditional designs in the room, oak slots effortlessly into any room. Oak doesn’t fade over time – in fact it actually looks better as time goes on! The colour brings warmth to any room and provides that homely feeling.

The wealth of choice
Oak furniture is available in a lot of different styles for multiple furniture purposes. As a furniture material it’s very flexible. From beds and nightstands to console tables, dining room tables to chairs and dressers the material suits all types of functional furniture. Oak furniture can also be stained, and therefore can be married well with other furniture and soft furnishings in the room.

So, I guess the question really is, why not choose oak furniture?