When choosing your bedroom furniture there are a few things to think about!

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When choosing a bed the first thing you will need will be what size it is going to be, there are 3 standard sizes of mattress, double, King and super king, if you are having a larger mattress made to a larger size then we can design the bed around this for you. There are also different styles of bed, these can be designed to suit the surroundings they are going in, you can choose something of my site that has already been made as these are proven to be good designs, but you may want something a little different like a half tester bed or a for poster bed, these do not have to be complicated showy designs, they can be as simple or ornate as your surroundings or taste.

Bedside cabinets.

Bed side cabinets are usually made to the height of your mattress or if needed higher or lower. There are 2 main designs for a bedside, these are a 3 drawer cabinet or a 1 drawer and 1 door cabinet, its ok to stray from these designs if there not quite what you are after, for example you can just have a side table with 1 or no drawers.

Chest of drawers.

Well with a chest of drawers the most popular piece would be a 2 over 3 chest,  this does depend on what you need to store. Almost any size is possible and they can all be designed for you to help you choose what you like before it is made.


Wardrobes can be a very personal piece to have made, and they can be as complex as you like with doors hiding interior drawers, shelving and hanging space, we have made some very large wardrobes that need to be made in sections so we can get them up staircases, but they can also be made very small if needed, say for a child’s bedroom or a hall way.

Dressing tables.

You will see on this site that we have 3 designs of dressing table’s, they are there for a good guide as to what you can have but again the sizes, styles and colours can be changed to suit your tastes.


Mirrors can be made to any size to suit the surroundings and can be free standing or hanging, or you can have a cheval mirror to sit in the corner of your room to finish of the set.

See the Bedroom Furniture – Provided by us!!

I hope this helps and if you need any other information just call James.

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