What is it that HFFurniture offer our customers?

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Here at HFFurniture we make one off pieces for you, usually because you can see from our web-site and showrooms that we are a cut above most and can create what’s needed to fit your home after failing to find the right piece that is not on your high street.
Most of the furniture we make is in the traditional style as these styles will always be impressive.
We do also design pieces that are modern in style or are designed and finished to fit in with more modern surroundings and fashions of the time.
We have been creating furniture for over 20 years and really do feel that we give a great service/product at sensible competitive prices which is the feed back from our customers. (see our testimonials)

Here are a few details of what we can do for you.
1, Made to measure hand-made furniture.
2, All traditional joints and fixings with no corners cut.
3, Beautiful hand cut dovetail joints.
4, Large pieces of wood, this can be on a leg for instance (all legs up to 6” will be one piece of solid oak) and this is also the case with our refectory table tops. (all tops are hand planned unless otherwise discussed and usually made from only 3 or 4 planks)
5, Here at HFFurniture we also finish by way of Traditional hand French polishing (unless another method is requested)
6, We do are own drawings for customers having new designs.
7, Most of our pieces are made from OAK but we can make from almost all other woods. We only use a veneer if creating something special that may be needed but this would be veneered onto solid oak.
We do try to go above and beyond so for any further questions please contact James (Me) I will do my very best to help you.

Thank you.

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