French polishing – the art behind bespoke, luxury oak furniture.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to the finishings available, ranging from colours that need little to no polish to finishes that resemble glass or liquid sitting on a top. In twenty years, I have refined the art of executing the contemporary to the vintage, traditional and even ‘aged’ effect.

The finish will also depend on the type of wood being polished, meaning that my trade has evolved from me being a polisher to a wood finisher.

My customers often have a very clear idea of what colour they would like to achieve, and we can demonstrate and display many of the options available.  Different finishes are achieved by different layers and techniques of applying polish, initially with a brush.

Once we have achieved the right colours, we then start to ‘body up’. This is a process that can mean going over and over, filling the grain and flattening the polish until the desired effect has been obtained. This can require up to 200 coats by wadding in a soft rag then filling with methylated spirits and polish (and linseed oil for long high finishes).

Once this process is complete (and it varies greatly from item to item) we apply the final finish of cutting back and waxing.

This can take anything from hours to weeks, and your individual needs will be discussed with you when you purchase your furniture.

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