What Bespoke means to you.

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What Bespoke means to you.

When buying a bespoke item you are usually doing so because you want something a little more special than the furniture you see on a day to day trip to high street stores or business park furniture stores. This is where a company like ours comes into play, here at Hall Farm Reproductions we are purely a bespoke furniture company, The furniture on our site has all been made for customers like yourselves who need either higher quality furniture or a piece made to order that just can’t be found in any other way.

Taking our 4 door 6 drawer wardrobe for example, here the customer wanted a bedroom suite that could fit into a certain area in his house that you just wouldn’t be able to purchase unless having it made to order.

This piece was made in 3 sections that all fit perfectly together, it had to made like this as you can imagine trying to life such a piece up a tight stair case, it had to go in a back room and in the end of the room to fill the space from wall to wall.

Now taking the 10 foot 4 door wardrobe , this piece was 10 foot in width and also had to go up tight stairs in a small cottage, so here we built it in 4 sections, the plinth goes down first with the 4 cupboard sections sitting inside the moulding and screwed together, then the cornice goes on and then this is fitted, this way we can make things that can end up being very large, also whilst making a piece like this it gives the customer a chance to start thinking of what it is they need particular piece to hold, so from left to right all sections are different behind the doors, hold drawer sections, shelving and long and short hanging sections.

So when choosing a bespoke piece, unless you can see a piece that looks perfect for you that we may have already made which can happen as we have made some outstanding pieces over the years, this could be a great time to have that piece that you have been thinking about that will fit your needs exactly.

You only have to give us your brief and we will do the rest.

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