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Here at HALL FARM REPRODUCTIONS we create UNIQUE pieces of furniture, each piece is made as a one off using traditional techniques that have been passed down through the generations giving you a TIMELESS look of which can only be described as beautiful.

Having something made gives you that SPECIAL feeling knowing that there is no other example the same in the world, I can say this as the solid oak we use is a natural product that gives you an individual look to each piece, even if it is a pair of bedside cabinets.

Also when it comes to creating the colours on our furniture you tell us the look you would like to create and we do it, this can be from rounded off edges and natural to heavy distressing and dark. As all our furniture is HAND POLISHED by one person from start to finish using up to 25 STAGES to create the feeling that you have something very SPECIAL where a lot of time has gone into giving a required look and feel that each time you walk past it over the years it will hold memories and stories that all fine pieces must have, if they could only talk.

Imagine some of the stories and conversations that have been talk about around some of the countries old tables and furniture alike, your furniture will be adding to that for hundreds of years to come. This is part of why I like the BEAUTIFUL furniture we make, creating the future of the British made furniture world for generations to come.

If you’re looking for something different to the collection you see here then contact James.

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