The popularity of oak replica antiques.

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HF Furniture designs the most incredible handmade dining tables right here in the UK. Our expert designer can bring any idea to life, including adding all kinds of unique small details. Whatever style you want, we can design it for you. We even create stunning replica antiques that look exactly like originals.

Rise and fall

At the turn of the Millennium the demand for high end antique furniture was huge. This is because the super rich were searching for stunning statement pieces from various eras for their homes. Unfortunately trends can change very quickly. When clean, minimal Scandinavian designs became popular, demand for antiques and their values fell.

The thing to remember about antiques though is that popularity can return very quickly. This is happening recently, driven by how popular period drama is in terms of film and TV. There will also always be big demand for unique, eye-catching pieces. More recently dark furniture has come back into fashion, driven by more interest in oak replica antiques and country furniture.

Choose a design for you

Handmade Dining TablesAt HF Furniture we can design dark oak replica furniture to suit any home. Our speciality is handmade dining tables because every single house needs one, regardless of its size. In addition we offer stunning pieces like refectory tables, TV units, cabinets and dressers. Whatever your tastes, whether it is traditional, country, or modern, trust us to design the furniture for you.

We believe the key to great design is a strong relationship with the customer. This way we get to know their ideas and the property that will become home to the furniture. It is crucial to do this with handmade dining tables because the surroundings can make the space feel either comfortable and open or cramped. With cabinets or TV units it is important to get a good fit.

Any research you have done will help us to create a design. If it is a completely one of a kind item we can do all the drawings in-house. As a result we ensure the furniture is perfect for you and your home.

If you want to discuss a design with us please get in touch. You can call or email us for a price for a piece.

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