The advantages of a Draw-leaf dining table design.

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First of all, this table design has been around from the early 18th century, defiantly standing the test of time. As a result it remains one of the most popular options, especially for handmade dining tables.

Three sizes

handmade dining tablesThere are several plus points on choosing the Draw-leaf design. I would say the biggest benefit is you are actually purchasing 3 different size tables. How this works is that you have the main table top in the size that you’re going to be most comfortable using probably 95% of the time. For example this may be a 7’ x 3’ table top. Then if you have 2 leaves that pull out from each end you can create a 10/11’ table. Or you may only want one leaf out to create an 8.5/9’ table.

This table design does have a limit though. If the main part of the top was too large then pulling out the leaves would become a 2-person task. However, with the top around 7’ it’s easy to do this with just one person.

How often do you need to extend the table?

Now, if for instance you had the top fully open on a Refectory style base you may find that people on the long sides of the table could get a leg in their way. If this is a problem, it may be worth it if the top is on a base that you love. In addition you may only extend the table a few times a year. In this case is it worth changing the design you love for just a few occasions?

If however, this full length will be needed more and you feel it may be a pain to have a leg in the way, there are other base options with handmade dining tables. For example we can put this table top design on bases with one leg in the middle of each end. These table designs still have to have the rails around the top of the table to hide the Draw-leaf table workings. But we do Dovetail the corner joints on these to give them a very real handmade look to them.

Base options

There are a few table bases on our website that show this, such as Single pedestal Draw-leaf, Chamfered leg and the Square cut Refectory. But I am sure we can fit this design on almost all table bases. The most common and recognisable is The Draw-leaf Refectory dining table sitting on a turned leg. The leg can be either a Cannon barrel or a Baluster turning.

If you are looking for the most beautiful handmade dining tables you are in the right place. Have a look at the products on our website or get in touch if you have a unique design in mind.

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