Purchasing from the manufacturer.

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Purchasing straight from the MANUFACTURER.


One of the main advantages you have when buying furniture from HALL FARM REPRODUCTIONS is that you are buying from the manufacturer and not from a middle man, the best thing about this for you is you can be sure the person you’re dealing with is knowledgeable about the product they are selling, giving you INSURENCE of the highest PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.

Because I am a French Polisher by trade and started out as a cabinet maker, plus I have a major passion for furniture as a whole you can be sure you’re dealing with the right man to give you up most professional advice on what can and can’t be done.

In large department stores the person will be more of a salesmen than anything else, so may not be able to give you the same advice as I can here, plus as there is effectively NO MIDDLE MAN you are going to get a much better deal as I am sure you are aware.

This makes your options almost limitless for the design of something that may need to look or store personal items a certain way.

For any further information contact JAMES on 01473 735195.

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