Open plan living and the right dining table

Open plan living is by far the most popular element of contemporary interior design, especially in the UK. Modern homes are more likely to have this kind of layout because it makes the properties more comfortable. Fewer dividing walls means spaces are larger and have a better flow. This also supports our faster, more social lifestyles. Bespoke dining tables are a crucial element in these spaces.

What kind of table do you need?

bespoke dining tablesThe fact people have more social lifestyles is the key thing here. It is why they are going back to owning dining tables. A table is now much more than just a place to eat; it is also a hotspot for socialising. As a result of open plan living, there is more space for large feature tables. These can actually be a vital part of the decor as well as a functional piece.

At HF Furniture we design beautiful bespoke dining tables that will look great in any open plan kitchen/dining room. Our skilled designer can create any kind of design to suit the theme of your home. For example you could opt for replica and reproduction antique furniture. Alternatively, you might choose a sleek modern piece. There are lots of options, including different types of wood and various finishes.

The dining tables we offer range in size from 6 feet all the way to 16 feet. As we said before, open plan living means more room for big tables. Therefore it is no surprise that we keep receiving orders for larger pieces.

Get the right design

If you do want a large table there are several things you need to think about. Firstly, how many people do you need to seat? This is crucial and can also affect the kind of design you choose. If you need lots of seats you may want a base where the legs won’t be in the way.

Refectory tableSecondly you need to think about where you will put the table and the surroundings. Keep in mind that you need to leave enough space around it for people to move freely.

Finally, look at the actual design you want. There are plenty of options, including eye catching refectory style ones. You can view many incredible designs on our website. In addition we can design bespoke dining tables specifically for you if you want a one of a kind product.

To discuss designs with a passionate, highly talented table designer, contact HF Furniture today.

Bespoke Carved Draw-Leaf Refectory Handcrafted in Suffolk