If money is not an issue !

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If money is no object!

Here are some things for you to think if it’s not a case of  ‘ how much? ‘

If you were to be purchasing a dresser base for example and wanted something a little extra special then we would be delighted to come up with some great ideas.

Most of the furniture on this site is fairly simple in design, this helps with the price, whilst still ending up with beautiful furniture this doesn’t mean that it can’t be more impressive.

Here are some ways we can make your furniture stand out.

The bigger the piece of wood used the more money it costs, as normal practice we do use wide boards and 1 piece legs where we can, but if you were purchasing a Refectory dining table and we were well within budget then let us know and we will add what we can to create something even more beautiful, as we know everything comes at a cost and this the same for the best sections of the tree, Burr woods and quarter sawn planks can look amazing giving very different effects to a standard sawn board.

Carving can also give a great effect without being too intrusive, it can be taken from something in your life that means a lot to you, or to fall in with the period of your home. It can also be hidden, this could be if you wanted your name and dates carved on the inside of a piece or a company logo carefully placed for future company reference.

If any of these ideas are something that may interest you then just ask us as it’s always nice to be challenged on a piece and there are always new ideas that we would love to implement into our furniture.

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