Materials & Craft Information

The materials used by HFFurniture are all of the highest quality, these materials are usually determined by the customer through their requirements needed.

For instance, if we are asked to make a table and is needed to fit in with 16c surroundings then we would choose oak, but if the table was going in a London apartment then the choice is open to use other materials such as glass, American black walnut, marble or even veneers in some cases where needed.

Almost all the techniques used by HFFurniture have been used to make furniture for hundreds of years, we do use machines where needed and costs determine how much is done by hand.

All our furniture is made as a one off, the designs are usually determined by myself and the customer as to what is best for them, we still hand cut our dovetails and we biscuit joint our tops.

Here at HFFurniture we make sure that each piece fits to the customer’s expectations when having a piece made, and we are so proud of what we do we date, stamp and badge each piece.