How to use this website.

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How to use this website.

Now you have found us use it to your advantage, on our site you will find a large range of furniture made by great craftsman who have learnt their trade over many years that will lead to you owning amazing furniture made to the highest standards.

Firstly, when you have decided what it is you need for your home you can then use all our designs to help you choose the final details, from different feet on dresser bases to handles and colours you may want. If you’re not quite sure as to what will work for you I can talk you through the colours and styles that might best suit your requirement’s, we have a couple of extra sections on here that might help a little further with any questions you may have.

There is a details section that will guide you through a lot of choices you may be thinking of, such as handles, panels, drawers, feet and turnings. These are there if needed, but a short chat with us and we can put in the right direction that will best suit the environment of each piece, this information can come from what might look best in a certain aged house or you picking a period in time that you like, whether that be the 16c or the 21c.

There is also a large amount of designs that are in the inspiration pages, here you will find a random selection of different styles and pieces that may help find something that you may not have already thought about. Plus if you need some furniture for second homes or less important rooms that have less of a budget then we can also cater for this too. ( Ask James )

If you see something that is almost right for you but would need a small or total redesign then that is what our bespoke service is all about at no extra cost.

Call James now on 01473 735195 or send an email.

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