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When deciding on what furniture you may want there are many options of what is possible, here are some examples to help you.


When choosing a table you will firstly need to know how big you  need it to best suit your needs , a 6ft x 3ft table is set to seat 6 people but you can squeeze more if needed, there is a simple way of having this size table but with leaves, this way you can then seat 10 +, there are also options like a round or oblong shaped tops, these tops can come in 1”, 1.5”, and 2” + depending on budget and the required look that you may require, it is the same for the legs, there can be legs on each corner, this is the strongest way to make a table, but another nice way is to have a single leg in the middle at each end, this gives the freedom to use the hole length of the table with no one getting a leg in the way, these legs can be made from a simple square 4” single piece of wood to a 6” single piece leg, these legs can be turned, chamfered, tapered or square cut, when we go larger than this we have to laminate 2 or 3 pieces together, this way we have made legs up to 10” round.

Other things to think about are the rails of the table, these can be plain to keep a simple look, this would be good for a simple kitchen table design, but if you wanted something a bit more ornamental you could choose a lovely moulded rail or go even further and choose to have carving, this carving can be used to make the table your very own matching in with details you may have in your house or just having the date carved in, all these option are there to make it possible for me to create you a very personalized pieces of furniture that you will be able to treasure for the rest of your life and pass on down the generations.

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