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What we have on this web-site.  By James.


Hall Farm Reproductions are makers of high end bespoke furniture, when taking a tour of our web-site and what we have to offer, it’s best to hold in your mind at all times that we are totally bespoke.


What this means for you is that when looking at a design you like but something is telling you it’s not quite right then here comes the good part, “ you can change it “ if you would like something a little wider, shorter, taller or in a different colour then all these things will be done for you by expert craftsman.


If however you don’t find something in our collection including our inspiration board that you would like, ask James to design you something special, all that would need to happen is a short conversation to discover sizes and styles you may like then drawings will be done for you to look at before making your design begins.


This situation is how a large percentage of our sales are dealt with, in other cases people will request us to either make a piece we have made before chosen from our collection, or given us the details to make something they may have seen somewhere else but would like us to make it for them.


I hope this helps you in some way and I look forward to hearing from you soon.






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