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Here at HFFurniture all our beds are made to order.
When you order a bed from HFFurniture you get to choose the size you require, this is in all cases down to the size of your mattress size.
Mattress sizes to help you decide.
Single 3’ x 6’ 3”
Double 4’ 6” x 6’ 3”
King 5’ x 6’ 6”
Super King 6’ x 6’ “
Once we know the size of your mattress we can the build a bed frame to fit.
Here are a few points to think about other than the mattress size.
1. How deep is the mattress? This is important for us!
2. Are you used to a certain height?
3. If you are having bedside cabinets made at the same time then what would be you perfect height. This would usually be around the same height as your mattress.
4. Have you got bedside cabinets already, and if so what is the height you would like your bed to be made at.
5. How high would you need your foot board to be? I say this as we have had to make the foot board low before so a tall man could hang his feet over the end if needed.
6. How high would you like the head board? You may like sitting up in bed reading, so you may want it high enough to lean your head against. Or you may need it low if you have the bed against the eves in a converted loft.
I hope these few questions help you in choosing your handmade bed from HFFurniture.

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