The Furniture I like and why.

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The Furniture I like and why.

Well I think it’s obvious that I like Oak furniture, as it is so versatile, being able to create a piece that’s design was created in its roughest form many hundreds of years ago, to what is currently happening all around us with the cheap imports. Now if someone was to ask me if I think the cheap imports has had any kind of an effect on the handmade oak furniture in Britain then my answer would be yes, but in furniture terms this will be short lived as it’s all about fashion and one day all these imports will be firewood, this won’t be long as they have been about now for quite a while and as they’re not very well made for the most part the second hand market will be very poor. But when having this type of furniture from us here or any other company making to a high standard it will be very well make and because of this there will be ways around having to change it, such as just changing the colour and adding a few mouldings, it would surprise you what can be done, this how ever will be a lot more difficult to achieve with the cheaper end of the market as no companies like mine will want anything to do with it.

I have researched the industry for a long time now and as much as I love Oak furniture, both creating and looking at original pieces, I always feel that there is not one particular part of the trade I want to be in, I like it all at the high end,  i.e. designing and making original contemporary furniture and creating furniture that fits in with history of 400 years ago, both can be a challenge.

If I was asked to design and make two pieces of furniture, 1 from our history and 1 for today’s living it would be a very hard choice, from our history there are so many amazing pieces from the very early days with oak dug out chests to amazing English Walnut furniture. But if I had to make one piece to impress I think it would be a very large Refectory dining table, this would be made to the size that I think would sell to start with and then for the other part to impress most of all, the largest table we have made to date is a 16ft table which did look amazing, I would also do this table in a very dark distressed oak to show off our skills in cabinet making and French polishing.

The second piece I would make to fall in with modern living would be in a mixture of woods and other materials such as glass and stainless steel. With a mixture of materials you can create some amazing looks, some of these can be found in our contemporary furniture section. So for the piece that I think I would actually make, It would be a large cabinet, now I don’t think I would do this for any other reason than just to impress the design skills and making of Hall Farm Reproductions, one of my favourite things in furniture is secret compartments, these are a fun thing to design and there are so many ways to create these.

Here is a quick rundown of the piece, picture a cabinet, light wood for the main parts of the piece with veneer cross bandings in darker woods such as Walnut and Ebony, this piece would have drawers and doors to its exterior, drawers being at the base with a fall or cupboard doors to the top section being about 7ft high, opening the doors or fall to get to the inside, here is where it gets exciting for the designer and then the owner, there is no end to things we can do for the inside, here are a few ideas, the first one that I would have would be in the form of a home office, this would be a modern secretaire with a fall for the writing area, but for current use this area would be for your ipad, then keeping to the theme there would be lots of drawers and sections where we can start having some fun, this would also be great for when friends come and visit, getting them to guess where all the compartments are, there would be drawers behind drawers, drawers with false backs, false bottoms, secret slides with hidden compartments behind and so on. This kind of design has been there for hundreds of years from the days before banks, it was a great way of hiding your personal items or money.

So I think the conclusion to this is that there is no set design or piece you have to have, you can go for simple furniture design or complicated furniture design to heavy or light looking furniture. We are Bespoke furniture makers so the choice is yours.

Contact James and ask him do design you a piece that will bring delight into your life.

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