Four Ways to Make an Entrance

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This month saw celebrities such as Beyonce, J-Lo and Rihanna making an entrance with show-stopping dresses at a New York fashion gala. Pulling off the right look comes down to communication with the wearer, elegance of design, superior materials, and attention to detail.

Here at HF Furniture this is much the way we feel about bespoke oak furniture reproductions…every part in the production process matters – from building a rapport with our clients to the quality of oak and the last handcrafted detail. So the end result is made-to-measure furniture pieces our customers are proud to display.

While most people’s appearances aren’t thrust into the limelight on an international scale, it is possible to make a big entrance on a smaller scale…in our own homes. By investing in a few pieces of beautifully crafted furniture for the hallway, this will set the scene for the rest of your interior.

Light Up the Room

A hallway is the transition between your outdoor space and interior, and as it is the first part of your home that visitors see, getting the basics right is vital. While some Suffolk hallways are vast expanses of space, others are narrow. So, an obvious solution is to invest in a mirror to make this area appear brighter and bigger.


Large rectangular mirrors, such as this luxurious oak mirror (above), attract the light and give the illusion of a bigger space. This classic mirror features delicate hand-carved detailing, which is a work of art in itself.

Be an Inspiration


In interior design a few well-chosen, finely crafted wooden furniture pieces that take centre stage make the biggest impact, rather than a cluttered hallway. Our Demi Lune Side Table, in light or dark oak, evokes harmony and balance and has a handy drawer to place items to keep by the door, such as keys, loose change and sunglasses.

Display Knowledge


Some hallways, or landings, can double up as the perfect space for a walk-through library area. Our sturdy, seven foot twin bookcase has enough space for many volumes and is designed in a way that you can separate your books into two sections – fiction and non-fiction.

Less is More


A blanket box is a superb investment for items such as shoes, scarves, boots and jackets, all of which can clutter up a hallway. Our team at HF Furniture craft made-to-order blanket/storage of boxes of any length, width or depth for hallways, bedrooms and landings.

Oak Furniture Reproductions –  Click here to find out more about HF Furniture, Suffolk.

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