Design a bespoke Welsh Dresser.

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At HF Furniture we work hard to make sure every single item we design is beautiful. We take a lot of care to get the designs right, all the way down to the tiniest details. In addition we look at all the important things like the choice of timber. Whether you want bespoke dining tables or Welsh Dressers, come to us with your ideas.

Save kitchen or dining space

Many people worry that they don’t have space for a dining table in their home. A great piece of furniture that could save a lot of space is a Welsh Dresser. This utilitarian piece can include shelves, drawers and cupboards. As a result it is perfect for storing a variety of things. Most people use them to store crockery, cutlery, pans, and other kitchen implements. They can even hold items for display such as ornaments.


Welsh DresserWelsh Dressers can be very stylish. At HF Furniture we design them to suit any kind of home. They can vary in size and include all kinds of useful features such as racks for plates. We work with different timbers too, ensuring the colour and grain will suit the client.

Some people like to stick with traditional designs. With a Welsh Dresser this could include decorative carving like you would find on pieces from the 18th century. Original brass handles or replica ones can also add an extra touch of period charm.

There are plenty of modern examples of Welsh Dressers too. These tend to steer away from the decorative nature of traditional ones. Instead the focus is usually on form and function. Some are even raw wood.

What use do you have in mind?

Whether you are looking for a practical piece of furniture or a way to display your best china, Welsh Dressers should be something you look at. If you can’t find a piece you love or struggle to match your unique style, HF Furniture can design a unique item for you. More importantly, we can create a dresser for your dining room that will match bespoke dining tables.

If you want to talk about a design please contact us at 01473 735 195. We will discuss the design process with you, therefore ensuring you are happy with the piece we are going to create.

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