Country Handmade Oak Furniture – Where Design, Functionality and Style Meet

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Country Handmade Oak Furniture – Where Design, Functionality and Style Meet

Think of traditional English furniture and the image that comes back into your head is traditional country furniture that withstands both the physical passing of time but also the constant changes in fashion and tastes.

Using British materials such as oak and ash, country furniture is dark yet rich in detailed grain, robust yet still offers huge attention to aesthetic detail and most importantly hugely functional.

Country furniture for the dining room really carries all these values. Dining tables are large, offer ample space to feed a large group or are equally intimate for casual dining. Oak surfaces are resistant to everyday use and the legs offer simple design yet significant sturdiness unlike the largely homogenised and mass produced modern equivalents.

Bookcases in the country furniture again offer huge functionality, sturdiness and an ideal way to display and store books. Versatility of country furniture is a key consideration and book cases, dressers and display cabinets will offer the owner the ability to move shelves to fit their requirements with shelf pegs that can be altered. This again should be seen as a key area in which country furniture outperforms modern furniture. Dovetailed and using the best carpentry and cabinet making techniques, country furniture will outperform and outlast modern furniture.

So how do you find the best country furniture?

For those looking for the best country furniture on offer, it is always important to ensure that the company has plenty of testimonials on hand. Happy customers willing to endorse the company speak much louder than any marketing rhetoric or sales blurb.

When searching online for country furniture, be sure to find a website that offers plenty of high resolution images that detail the quality of the furniture. Further detail of the legs to show the craftsmanship that goes into the turned legs of chairs, the hand cut dovetails and the furniture handles should be sought.

Hall Farm Reproductions are one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of reproduction country furniture. The company uses native UK woods and produces a range of furniture to compliment homes. For further information please visit

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