Country Furniture – Must Have Furniture For Your Home

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Country Furniture – Must Have Furniture For Your Home

When you think of classic English furniture your mind conjures up images of classic country furniture, heavy and dark wood grains, robust yet elegant furniture for daily use.

Those looking to redesign their homes should definitely place country furniture at the top of their “must have” lists for some of the following reasons:-

• Country furniture stands out from the mass produced, homogenised and frankly rather mainstream furniture that graces most people’s homes. Reproduction country furniture concentrates on the quality of the joinery and cabinet making – dovetailed joints, kiln dried rich wood that withstands the passing of time and an ultimately superior piece of furniture. With country furniture you are choosing hand crafted furniture.

• Individual – country furniture, in addition to having a high attention to detail is also much more individual than most modern furniture and most definitely never the dreaded flat pack solution.

• Huge diversity of country furniture products. The range of products is extensive and country furniture can be added to lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and pretty much any room. When you think of country furniture, you think of Welsh Dressers, dining tables, bookcases, chairs and display cabinets to name but a few products.

• The wood and stains used in country furniture are far superior to standard furniture. Oak and ash as the woods of preference and once waxed, stained or polished they require little if any maintenance over the years.

Hall Farm Reproductions specialise in quintessentially English country furniture. Attention to detail and quality is exemplary and more information can be found by visiting

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