Colour & Distressing Information


Natural Oak To represent a new piece in this most natural finish to show of the oak in all it’s splender. Usually just having lightly rounded edges.


Stripped Oak To represent a piece that has had a past and been brought back to a natural tone. Usually light to medium distressing.


Suffolk Light To represent an over polished oak finish. Usually medium distressing.


Arts & Crafts To represent a piece of furniture from the turn of the last century with the beginnings of age. Usually lightly distressed.


Suffolk MediumTo represent a piece that has gathered age and a patina build-up. usually medium distressing with some heavier markings.


Tudor OakTo represent a piece that is old, warn, with a dark and warm patina build-up. Usually a heavier distressed look.


Woodbridge Light With English Walnut, Available on all colours.


Natural Oak With American Walnut. Natural colour with contrasting cross-banding. Available on all colours.