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How to get the look you require. By James Nunn.

When choosing a piece of furniture from Hall Farm Reproductions you will already have a good idea of what you would like it to look like, when a decision on the piece has been made we have in our showroom a large selection of colours and distressing for you to look at, this will give you a great idea of the finished item in its location in your house.

If there is not the right colour then we can create colour patterns for you so that it’s right for you before we go ahead with the final finish.

There are many types of finish we can achieve, they include colours from natural to black, when looking at a natural colour this will always be determined on what the wood is that you have chosen, in most cases it is going to be oak, this wood is a very good wood in many ways, firstly it’s one of the hardest woods and its very light in its natural state, this gives the finisher ( French Polisher ) room to give the option of all the colours, from very light ( natural ) to as dark and as old looking as is required.

I will always make sure that the colour and design chosen go together, if the piece is of a contemporary nature then the colour in my eyes should reflect this, and vice verser. There are many finishes to have other than a traditional French Polish, you can have a painted finish, this can be a plain clean look or a distressed and warn look ( shabby chic ), all these looks come down to the customer’s choice which will be led by either the house they live in or the current fashion.

We can create furniture in two ways, if you live in a specific type of building then there is usually a specific type of furniture design that will fit effortlessly into your home, but ! This is not always the case, as we all know there are many buildings that are old on the outside but yet in its interior can be as modern as its creator can muster.

So when choosing the furniture for your home know that there are many options for the final finish you choose, some will be a short term fashionable look and some will be able to stay that way for ever and never look or feel out of place in its surroundings.

If there are any questions you have and feel that I might be able to help in your final design and colour choices then feel free to call James for a quick chat before any decisions are made.

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