Attention to Detail.

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Here at Hall Farm Reproductions we give our customers the best furniture possible for their budget, for example, all our tables are made form the best timbers giving wide planks with great character, this can be even more detailed by choosing what effect you want to give, our prices are here to give great value for your money, but in some cases our customers require something a little more, some examples of this would be in a Refectory top, for instance when having a medium oak colour that will be distressed then to put expensive character timbers here may not work as we will be building interest and character in the top with our distressing and polishing, but in the case of having a lighter colour or even natural oak with little or no distressing I would say this is a good time to think a little outside the box with the wood. Here we can use different types of oak, there are a few types of planked oak to choose from to help build character into a piece and leave it natural, they are quarter sawn boards, pippy oak boards, burr oak boards or if simplicity is the key to the design then choosing straight grained boards can also be very effective.

There are other details in our furniture that should be as standard practise when making high quality handmade furniture, such as the joints used in the making process and the finish that is required to give the full effect of the quality of the furniture you are purchasing, I have always said that a the French Polisher is the key to great looking furniture, If you have a good cabinet maker and he makes an amazing table which then goes off to the polishing workshop, this is where the piece can either be made to look even more beautiful or can be wrecked, it can go wrong in many ways with things like faking, if faked badly then the piece can never come back from that, but done well it enhances the piece dramatically to give the feel in way of look and touch that can be taken away when not done properly.

Other details we give our furniture are listed below…

Locks that are made in England

Brass handles that are thick and heavy

Furniture that is stamped and dated for our records

Wide planks and 1 piece legs where ever possible


Handmade iron handles and hinges if more age is needed for a piece

Kiln dried timbers from renewable forests

Anything else that may come up when working on a particular commission

I hope this helps give an overall picture that we give our up most attention to each piece of furniture made at Hall Farm Reproductions.

There is a details section on here for you to look at that may help with some finer details.

Attention to detail.

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