All You Need to Know About Oak

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Oak is strong, appealing to look at and has been used to craft fine furniture and interior panelling since the Middle Ages. But if you think you know everything about this hardwood, think again! Here are some interesting facts about oak.

It has a long history…

There is evidence that oak has been used to carve items since the Stone Age, demonstrated by a series of ancient wells lined with oak that were recently unearthed in Germany. Some 7,000 years ago farmers were the first carpenters and many showed excellent craftsmanship skills.

There are hundreds of species of oak tree….

Altogether there are nearly 300 species of oak but not all of these types of trees are ideal for cabinet-making. Instead, the most commonly used oak in furniture-making is European Oak, which is extremely durable.

They can live for centuries…

The Pechanga Great Oak Tree, a Coast Live Oak in Temecula, California, is 2,000 years old and is thought to be the oldest oak tree in the world.

Oaks drink gallons of water a day…

Some of the biggest and oldest oak trees need to soak up at least 50 gallons of water a day to survive.

It’s used in professional drums….

Oak is used in drums as it creates a clear and powerful sound and the beauty of the grain adds to the aesthetics.

Oak is America’s national tree

In 2004 Congress declared the oak as America’s newest national tree and it serves as a symbol of the country’s strength.

Oak is sometimes used for medicinal purposes…

Oak bark has been used externally by North American Indians to alleviate sore throats and to help lessen skin sores.

It’s an expensive street tree…

Oak trees in London are among the most expensive street trees. Their value is calculated under a system that takes into account size, the numbers of people who live near it, and its historical significance. One oak tree in Southgate was valued at more than a quarter of a million pounds.

At HF Furniture we specialise in handcrafted oak furniture of exceptional quality. Oak wood has many attributes including strength, beauty of the grain, hardiness (even in contact with moisture), and it can be easily stained and finished, which makes it the ideal construction material.

Our highly skilled cabinet-makers craft stunning, high end oak reproduction and contemporary furniture from our Suffolk workshop including refectory tables, dressers and coffee tables.

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